Mock Courtroom and Research Facility

Recent renovations to our New York office have provided our attorneys with the ability to hone their skills in a state-of-the-art mock courtroom. The latest in audio and visual capabilities enable our attorneys and clients to view mock presentations, direct and cross examinations, and opening and closing arguments before clients, visiting judges, panels, or representative jurors. As one of the few IP law firms in New York that can offer a complete mock-trial experience in-house, FLH takes pride in ensuring our attorneys have the necessary tools to fully recreate the trial experience in its cases.

Using multiple cameras located throughout the room, the mock courtroom allows the firm to record attorneys as they present their arguments. This feature allows our attorneys to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the issues addressed and enables our attorneys to refine their strategy based on feedback from, among others, clients, sitting and retired judges, other firm attorneys, and mock jurors. And the mock courtroom has the capability to view and record juror deliberations, which provides vital additional feedback. Our mock courtroom has three retractable video screens that can be used to display evidence, as well as multiple flat-screen monitors located on the judges’ bench and jury box to allow participants to view video feeds of attorney presentations. Arguments and deliberations can be archived for future viewing and analysis by other firm attorneys or clients for supplementary feedback.

The mock courtroom’s capabilities allow clients across the globe to become integral to their case even if they cannot travel to New York.  The courtroom’s audio and visual capabilities allow clients to view attorney arguments from anywhere in the world.  When viewed as part of the complete in-house mock-trial experience, these features work to reduce the costs of litigation for our clients, but yet never detract from the top-quality legal advice FLH attorneys consistently provide to its clients.

Beyond the value it brings to our clients, our mock courtroom also allows FLH attorneys—especially younger associates—the opportunity to gain practical experience by presenting arguments and trying cases in a realistic setting alongside the firm’s knowledgeable partners. The firm’s various practice groups have used the space to conduct teaching seminars and mock trials based on important and influential patent cases before the Federal Circuit and Supreme Court.