Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP possesses proven expertise in intellectual property, transactional, regulatory, and antitrust law. We have more than 65 attorneys and scientific advisors, many with advanced degrees in scientific and technical disciplines. This talent pool permits creative, multidisciplinary solutions to legal issues and business problems in diverse practice areas. At FLH, our first concern is that our legal strategies make business sense for our clients. We are skilled architects of legal solutions that result in significant commercial success for our clients.

Whether it's defending against a patent, enforcing an intellectual property asset, exploiting opportunities within complex federal regulations, or navigating the delicate balance between exclusive rights and antitrust concerns, the firm possesses a remarkable breadth and depth of talent and experience.

We are proactive in managing our clients' intellectual property portfolios. We create, manage and analyze client portfolios with an eye on our client's business and financial goals. We partner with our clients to leverage existing technologies and expose unseen opportunities.

FLH attorneys have substantial counseling and negotiation expertise. We are adept at high tech transfers, regulatory approvals for pharmaceutical products and medical device, and restructuring agreements that comply with regulatory requirements.

The relationships we have built with our clients are based on open communication, ready access to our attorneys, and immediate responsiveness. We remain committed to our tradition of innovation, excellence, and integrity in all matters with which our clients entrust us.

Our Clients By The Numbers

Over 2,000 Clients Represented
Our Clients Are Located In Over 130 Countries
Over 43,000 Patents Filed